An error has occurred in the TNG software. What to do:

If you just installed an upgrade, you might have skipped part of the installation instructions. Go back to the upgrade readme page reread the instructions. Pay special attention to the database structure step.

If you just installed TNG for the first time, you might still need to create the database tables. Return to the readme.html page to find that step.

If you are the site owner, you may contact TNG support for further assistance with this problem. Please copy the query below and paste it into your message.

Query: SELECT f.ID, familyID, husband, wife, marrdate, marrplace, divdate, divplace, f.gedcom as gedcom,, f.private, f.branch, treename, secret, father.personID as fpersonID, father.lastname as flastname, father.lnprefix as flnprefix, father.firstname as ffirstname, father.title as ftitle, father.prefix as fprefix, father.suffix as fsuffix, father.nameorder as fnameorder, father.birthdate as fbirthdate, father.birthdatetr as fbirthdatetr, father.altbirthdate as faltbirthdate, father.altbirthdatetr as faltbirthdatetr, father.deathdate as fdeathdate, as fliving, father.private as fprivate, father.branch as fbranch, mother.personID as mpersonID, mother.lastname as mlastname, mother.lnprefix as mlnprefix, mother.firstname as mfirstname, mother.title as mtitle, mother.prefix as mprefix, mother.suffix as msuffix, mother.nameorder as mnameorder, mother.birthdate as mbirthdate, mother.birthdatetr as mbirthdatetr, mother.altbirthdate as maltbirthdate, mother.altbirthdatetr as maltbirthdatetr, mother.deathdate as mdeathdate, as mliving, mother.private as mprivate, mother.branch as mbranch FROM (tng_families as f, tng_trees) LEFT JOIN tng_people AS father ON f.gedcom=father.gedcom AND husband = father.personID LEFT JOIN tng_people AS mother ON f.gedcom=mother.gedcom AND wife = mother.personID // ** code replaced by Private Trees mod WHERE f.gedcom="Kalet" AND f.branch like "%Nowak%" AND (f.private != 1) AND (f.gedcom = tng_trees.gedcom) AND secret != "2" ORDER BY father.lastname, father.firstname, marrdatetr // ** end of code replaced by Private Trees mod LIMIT 50

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near '/ ** code replaced by Private Trees mod WHERE f.gedcom="Kalet" AND f.branc...' at line 7