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Floyd County, Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Delong, Maria  1825Floyd County, Virginia I5864
2 Delong, Ormand Orman Ormond/Orman  1780Floyd County, Virginia I535800
3 Delong, Timanda  1827Floyd County, Virginia I5865
4 Keith, James  1782Floyd County, Virginia I530263
5 Manning, Mary A  14 Dec 1818floyd county, Virginia I525980
6 Manning, Tyler H  9 Sep 1832floyd county, Virginia I525983
7 Quesenberry, Charity Levina  1845Floyd County, Virginia I527694
8 Quesenberry, Frederick  3 Mar 1836Floyd County, Virginia I525922
9 Quesenberry, Nathanael Floyd  1836Floyd County, Virginia I3143
10 Quesenberry QUESENBERRY, Lewis  8 Apr 1832Floyd County, Virginia I6389
11 Ratliff, Julia Ann  Abt 1857Floyd County, Virginia I535109
12 Slusher, Alice F.  1854Floyd County, Virginia I528119
13 Slusher, Ira H.  11 Aug 1837Floyd County, Virginia I528113
14 Slusher, Mary E  Abt Apr 1856Floyd County, Virginia I532482
15 Wade, Owen  21 May 1810Floyd County, Virginia I526563


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Day, Hannah  1902Floyd County, Virginia I537371
2 Delong, Ellender "Ellen"  6 Sep 1884Floyd County, Virginia I528111
3 Epperly, Sarah M  1917Floyd County, Virginia I531720
4 John, Quesenberry  28 Oct 1915Floyd County, Virginia I3142
5 Keith, James  1870Floyd County, Virginia I530263
6 Quesenberry, Amos Ballard  27 Jun 1939Floyd County, Virginia I525920
7 Quesenberry, Martha Irena  18 Dec 1912Floyd County, Virginia I525927
8 Quesenberry, Nathanael Floyd  1898Floyd County, Virginia I3143
9 Simmons, Barbara Eleanor  17 Oct 1862Floyd County, Virginia I536575
10 Simmons, Barbara Eleanor  17 Oct 1862Floyd County, Virginia I531348
11 Slusher, Mary Ann Polly  12 May 1898Floyd County, Virginia I531120
12 Slusher, Mary E  Oct 1859Floyd County, Virginia I532482
13 Stigleman, Sarah M  1917Floyd County, Virginia I521585
14 Stigleman, Sarah M  1917Floyd County, Virginia I531128
15 Sutphin, Christopher  1890Floyd County, Virginia I538528
16 Sutphin, Christopher  Between 2 Jun 1890 and 17 Jun 1890Floyd County, Virginia I533962
17 Wade, Isaac  1890Floyd County, Virginia I526552
18 Wade, Isaac  1890Floyd County, Virginia I539483
19 Wade, John  1849Floyd County, Virginia I5410
20 Wade, John Utley III  15 Apr 1843Floyd County, Virginia I526550


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Hancock, Catherine Caty  Floyd County, Virginia I1832
2 Simmons, Carey  Floyd County, Virginia I536569
3 Simmons, Carey  Floyd County, Virginia I531342

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