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Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sarah Lucy  9 Sep 1811Virginia, USA I546315 Tuszynski 
2 Ashby, Maria  Between 1797 and 1798Virginia, USA I526211 Tuszynski 
3 Blackard, Magie H.  1891Virginia, USA I6725 Tuszynski 
4 Blackard, Nancy Mary  Abt 1828Virginia, USA I540183 Tuszynski 
5 Blackard, Susanna  1823Virginia, USA I6717 Tuszynski 
6 Braxton, Anna  1821Virginia, USA I539721 Tuszynski 
7 Braxton, Taylor  1819Virginia, USA I539720 Tuszynski 
8 Brewer, Mary Ann   I521899 Tuszynski 
9 Camp, Marshall  1721Virginia, USA I532931 Tuszynski 
10 Dandridge, Dorothea  1751Virginia, USA I540844 Tuszynski 
11 Easton, Richard  1782Virginia, USA I2557 Tuszynski 
12 Fisher, Bridget Ann  1627Virginia, USA I512615 Tuszynski 
13 Fisher, Ester  1634Virginia, USA I512616 Tuszynski 
14 Fisher, William  1635Virginia, USA I517945 Tuszynski 
15 Fisher, William  1635Virginia, USA I3804 Tuszynski 
16 Ford, Sarah  1727Virginia, USA I525267 Tuszynski 
17 Gallahue, Solomon  Abt 1737Virginia, USA I525583 Tuszynski 
18 Keith, William Henry  Apr 1793Virginia, USA I518048 Tuszynski 
19 Keith, William Henry  Apr 1793Virginia, USA I518056 Tuszynski 
20 Lee, Henrietta  10 Dec 1773Virginia, USA I524964 Tuszynski 
21 Lee, William Thomas  1797Virginia, USA I524340 Tuszynski 
22 Manning, Claiborne L  1815Virginia, USA I525977 Tuszynski 
23 Marshall, Maria Elizabeth  1869Virginia, USA I525297 Tuszynski 
24 Marshall, Maria Elizabeth  1869Virginia, USA I525298 Tuszynski 
25 McClung, Nancy  4 Jun 1729Virginia, USA I544218 Tuszynski 
26 McClung, Thomas Marshall  1800Virginia, USA I522597 Tuszynski 
27 McPeak, Edgar Martin  8 Oct 1899Virginia, USA I530977 Tuszynski 
28 Moles, Flotilla F. "Tillie"  25 May 1901Virginia, USA I531909 Tuszynski 
29 MURPHY, Elizabeth  1765Virginia, USA I526748 Tuszynski 
30 Owen Jr, Owen  1785Virginia, USA I522373 Tuszynski 
31 Owens, Mary Ann  1770Virginia, USA I522369 Tuszynski 
32 Pope [Jones], Jemima  22 Apr 1748Virginia, USA I540502 Tuszynski 
33 QUESENBERRY, Cleveland S.  16 Jun 1888VIRGINIA, USA I531354 Tuszynski 
34 QUESENBERRY, Ira Pierce  28 Dec 1883VIRGINIA, USA I531353 Tuszynski 
35 Quesenberry, Pallina  Abt 1876Virginia, Usa I529653 Tuszynski 
36 Quesenberry, Sylvester Plane  20 Feb 1870Virginia, Usa I529649 Tuszynski 
37 Quesenberry, William S.  1886VIRGINIA, USA I531355 Tuszynski 
38 Randolph, Sarah  Abt 1746Virginia, USA I540296 Tuszynski 
39 Russell, Mary  Virginia, USA I4915 Tuszynski 
40 Sutphin, Daniel Malisco  19 May 1858Virginia, USA I531405 Tuszynski 
41 Sutphin, Elijah  1803Virginia, USA I522376 Tuszynski 
42 Sutphin, Lucinda Ellen  Abt 1860Virginia, USA I526442 Tuszynski 
43 Wade, Elizabeth Adeline  4 May 1848Virginia, USA I535766 Tuszynski 
44 Weddle, David Jr.  1 Nov 1809Virginia, USA I533923 Tuszynski 
45 Weddle, David Jr.  1 Nov 1809Virginia, USA I525338 Tuszynski 
46 Yates, Michael  1690Virginia, USA I541951 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ambler, Elizabeth  1740Virginia, USA I544583 Tuszynski 
2 Ambler, Elizabeth  1740Virginia, USA I546753 Tuszynski 
3 Ambler, John  1766Virginia, USA I544585 Tuszynski 
4 Ambler, John  1766Virginia, USA I546755 Tuszynski 
5 Ambler, Martha  1739Virginia, USA I544587 Tuszynski 
6 Ambler, Martha  1739Virginia, USA I546757 Tuszynski 
7 Ambler, Mary  1763Virginia, USA I544588 Tuszynski 
8 Ambler, Mary  1763Virginia, USA I546758 Tuszynski 
9 Ambler, Richard  1745Virginia, USA I544586 Tuszynski 
10 Ambler, Richard  1745Virginia, USA I546756 Tuszynski 
11 Ashby, Elizabeth Ann  6 Oct 1807Virginia, USA I532634 Tuszynski 
12 Aylett, Philip  Apr 1780Virginia, USA I535508 Tuszynski 
13 Blackard, Tobias Crusenberry  Virginia, USA I540182 Tuszynski 
14 Blackwell, Lucy  1791Virginia, USA I538027 Tuszynski 
15 Blackwell, Lucy  1791Virginia, USA I545757 Tuszynski 
16 Blackwell, Lucy  1791Virginia, USA I547323 Tuszynski 
17 Dandridge, Frances  10 Feb 1758Virginia, USA I3708 Tuszynski 
18 Delong, Samantha  Virginia, USA I5866 Tuszynski 
19 Fisher, Ester  Virginia, USA I512616 Tuszynski 
20 Fisher, William  Virginia, USA I517945 Tuszynski 
21 Fisher, William  Virginia, USA I3804 Tuszynski 
22 Gollahue), Jacques/James /Gallahue (Gallahough/Gallahanut/Gallihue  Virginia, USA I4914 Tuszynski 
23 Jones, William Strother  1900Virginia, USA I541100 Tuszynski 
24 Lee, Anne Lucinda  9 Sep 1804Virginia, USA I524960 Tuszynski 
25 Lee, Henrietta  1803Virginia, USA I524964 Tuszynski 
26 Lee, Theodoric  10 Apr 1849Virginia, USA I546701 Tuszynski 
27 Lee, Theodrick  10 Apr 1849Virginia, USA I538393 Tuszynski 
28 Marshall, Doctor Jaquelin Ambler  7 Jul 1852Virginia, USA I536253 Tuszynski 
29 Marshall, Doctor Jaquelin Ambler  7 Jul 1852Virginia, USA I528678 Tuszynski 
30 Marshall, Doctor Jaquelin Ambler  7 Jul 1852Virginia, USA I523781 Tuszynski 
31 Marshall, Doctor Jaquelin Ambler Jacquelin  7 Jul 1852Virginia, USA I521501 Tuszynski 
32 Marshall, Ellen Harvie  2 Jan 1920Virginia, USA I521953 Tuszynski 
33 Marshall, Humphrey  18 Dec 1711Virginia, USA I538908 Tuszynski 
34 Marshall, Humphrey  18 Dec 1711Virginia, USA I533768 Tuszynski 
35 Marshall, John III  31 May 1704Virginia, USA I524742 Tuszynski 
36 May, Elizabeth Oxford  1814Virginia, USA I5009 Tuszynski 
37 McClung, John  1774Virginia, USA I529727 Tuszynski 
38 McClung, John  6 Feb 1787Virginia, USA I1242 Tuszynski 
39 McClung, Rebbecca Rebecca  Abt 1800Virginia, USA I1246 Tuszynski 
40 Quesenberry, Sylvester Plane  1870Virginia, Usa I529649 Tuszynski 
41 Russell, Mary  Virginia, USA I4915 Tuszynski 
42 Slusher, George Aneson  1908Virginia, USA I528121 Tuszynski 
43 Yates, George IV  12 Nov 1777Virginia, USA I533471 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Imigracja    Person ID   Tree 
1 Culmer, Thomas  1643Virginia, USA I525356 Tuszynski 
2 Maddox, Sr., Alexander, Sr. (I) I- x13  1635Virginia, USA I512617 Tuszynski 
3 Sessums (Sessoms), Nicholas  1666Virginia, USA I516121 Tuszynski 

Spis ludności

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Spis ludności    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aker, George Alexander Jackson  1 Jun 1870Virginia, USA I522123 Tuszynski 
2 Aker, Joseph Alfred Pomeroy  1 Jun 1870Virginia, USA I527670 Tuszynski 
3 Aker, Mary Jane  1 Jun 1870Virginia, USA I527669 Tuszynski 
4 Aker, Noah  1 Jun 1870Virginia, USA I527667 Tuszynski 
5 Armbrister, Nancy  1 Jun 1870Virginia, USA I527668 Tuszynski 
6 Reed, George D  1 Jun 1870Virginia, USA I537449 Tuszynski 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Testament    Person ID   Tree 
1 Sessoms, Nicholas Thomas Richard  13 May 1723Virginia, USA I528246 Tuszynski 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Hornsby, Sr. / Wilson  1737Virginia, USA F519540 Tuszynski 
2 Keith / Allen  1783Virginia, USA F522592 Tuszynski 
3 Keith / Keith [Keith [Keith [Randolph]]]  2 Mar 1733Virginia, USA F512261 Tuszynski 

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