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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adcock, Lola Mae  17 Nov 1891United States I530574
2 Broome, John Marcus  19 Dec 1840United States I542559
3 Culbreth, Matthew  28 Dec 1880United States I539676
4 David, Marie Amelia  2 Dec 1849United States I536540
5 DeWeese Jr, Thurman Grady  27 Mar 1925United States I527734
6 Easton, Arena  United States I3328
7 Easton, Nancy Jane  United States I3323
8 Easton, Nancy Jane  1819United States I2567
9 Easton, Sarena Arena  1801United States I2559
10 Easton, Silas  United States I3325
11 Easton, Silas  1806United States I2560
12 Easton, Zachariah  United States I3326
13 Easton, Zachariah  1809United States I2562
14 Fisher, Penelope  Between 1804 and 1806United States I521491
15 Harned, William  Abt 1800United States I542296
16 Harned, William  Abt 1800United States I542424
17 Heaton, Elizabeth  1780United States I2558
18 Johnson, Sallie Jane  26 Apr 1855United States I531785
19 KEITH, Alford Francis  1820United States I518774
20 Langestraet, Jane  United States I5683
21 Lietsch, Harley  17 Dec 1899United States I540630
22 Malik, April   I500032
23 Richardson, Nena  United States I526689
24 Richardson, Robert  United States I526690
25 Ritter, Elizabeth A.  1834United States I521358
26 Ritter, Elizabeth A.  1834United States I3862
27 Smith, John  1795United States I527857
28 TAYLOR, Anna  1808United States I522711
29 TAYLOR, Georgiana  1814United States I522709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Alderman, Hannah  United States I539008
2 Bing, Cay Woodrow  United States I539187
3 Bing, Earl  United States I539190
4 Bing, James Thomas  United States I539186
5 Bing, Lucian L  United States I539188
6 Bing, Mattie Pearl  17 Aug 1973United States I539189
7 Bland, Anna  United States I535193
8 Bland, Anna  United States I535309
9 Bland, Anna  United States I535128
10 Bland, Anna  16 May 1847United States I535758
11 Bland, Anna  16 May 1847United States I517146
12 Bland, Elizabeth  United States I7406
13 Dickerson, Florance  30 Dec 1950United States I520013
14 Dickerson, James L  United States I520010
15 Dickerson, John Harvey  1918United States I520017
16 Easton, Arena  United States I3328
17 Easton, Elizabeth "Betsy"  United States I3327
18 Easton, George Washington  17 Oct 1878United States I2566
19 Easton, Harmon  United States I3324
20 Easton, Jackson  United States I3321
21 Easton, Nancy Jane  United States I3323
22 Easton, Richard Wesley  United States I3322
23 Easton, Silas  United States I2560
24 Easton, Silas  United States I3325
25 Easton, Zachariah  United States I3326
26 Easton, Zachariah  1850United States I2562
27 Fort, Hannah  1730United States I544570
28 Fussell, Andrew Grayham  25 Feb 1911United States I536246
29 Fussell, Andrew Grayham  25 Feb 1911United States I524031
30 Harding, Lydia  6 Oct 1767United States I539430
31 Keath, Addison Y  25 Aug 1945United States I531617
32 Keath, Charles Franklin  1945United States I539451
33 Keath, Harvey Y  8 Aug 1914United States I539452
34 Keath, Minnie Young  1972United States I539450
35 Mann, Elizabetha  Abt 1795United States I531315
36 McDuffie, Flora  Aug 1833United States I545036
37 McDuffie, John  1800United States I545035
38 Newton, John  United States I535962
39 Newton, John  United States I535705
40 Quesenberry, Lafayette  23 Apr 1902United States I529652
41 Rayburn, Rutha Bertha  1940United States I522723
42 Reed, Emma L  11 Jul 1920United States I534849
43 Reed, James Wilson  6 Oct 1891United States I534856
44 Reed, Laura Ella  23 Sep 1887United States I534852
45 Reed, Thomas Ferguson  5 Apr 1921United States I534853
46 Watts, D.  Abt 1959United States I522274
47 watts, I.  1949United States I522270
48 Watts, James A.P.  1949United States I522272
49 Watts, Louisa  to 1880United States I520625
50 Watts, Salina  1949United States I522269
51 Will, Fanny  19 Jun 1892United States I539441


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lu ... SK, Katerina  09 Dec 1899United States I106
2 Tomaszewski, Kazmierz  30 Nov 1914United States I1333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Kutsch, Albert John  1891United States I276

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