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1 23 years old SARRAZIN, Raymond (I650)
2 Anna was Augustin's first cousin Family F16
3 Clerc notaire PIGEON, Timoth (I659)
4 Cultivateur PIGEON, Augustin (I359)
5 Cultivateur PIGEON, Augustin (I728)
6 Cultivateur CARDINAL DIT LEROUX (I4929)
7 Cultivateur PATENAUDE, Alfred (I4945)
8 Donated land to build the church in Beloeil. Payment was free burial of descendants in graveyard. PIGEON, Augustin (I359)
9 Esophigial problems - ate only liquids. Lived on Campbell PIGEON, Anna (I4377)
10 Family history says she was a Couturier PIGEON, Anna (I119)
11 Forgeron en 1875. PIGEON, Augustin (I986)
12 Heart attack SARRAZIN, Philippe Omer (I612)
13 Menuisier HANDFIELD, Augustin (I4736)
14 Occupations PIGEON, Joseph (I1007)
15 or 29th PIGEON, Marie (I194)
16 Pr PIGEON, Magloire (I652)
17 Pris en guerre avec sa famille STEBBENS, John (I5867)
18 Stroke PIGEON, Marie Sarah (I383)
19 Toute sa famille pris en guerre STEBBENS (STEBENNE), Thankful Louise Therese (I5844)