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Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, Gladys V.  1923Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27552
2 Atkinson, Gloria L.  1927Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27553
3 Cooper, Eva R.  Aug 1874Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I20910
4 Cooper, Hamilton  1864Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I10765
5 Hill, Adam  1861Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27823
6 Hill, Annie Margaret  Dec 1865Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I12818
7 Hill, Casper  May 1862Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27824
8 Hill, Catherine  1859Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27822
9 Hill, George Lambert  10 Sep 1876Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27828
10 Hill, John  1872Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27826
11 Hill, Lewis Albert  8 Mar 1880Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27829
12 Hill, William H.  1868Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27825
13 Kaegler, Annie  Nov 1880Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27841
14 Kaegler, Edwin  Jun 1894Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27844
15 Kaegler, Franklin  Sep 1882Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27842
16 Kaegler, Hattie  Jun 1884Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27843
17 Kaegler, Tilley  Apr 1888Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27840
18 Keogler, Emma E.   I27838
19 Keogler, Gilmor E.  Sep 1896Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27836
20 Keogler, Stella L.  Dec 1898Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27837
21 Koegler, Mable L.  10 Jan 1904Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27543
22 Koegler, William Carl  13 Feb 1887Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27835


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Atkinson, John W.  Oct 1938Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I12817
2 Heim, Emma E.  1940Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I36415
3 Hill, Annie Margaret  1 Nov 1933Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I12818
4 Hill, William H.  1936Winfield, Butler Co., Pennsylvania I27825