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Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania



Place : Latitude: 40.44062479999999, Longitude: -79.99588640000002


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ayers, Elmer Ellsworth  13 Nov 1893Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30707
2 Baines, Mariam Eva  13 Jul 1867Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01934
3 Barker, Alexander Rex  1 Aug 1907Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29417
4 Barker, David Dilworth  19 Mar 1905Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29416
5 Barker, James Herron  6 Jul 1911Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29418
6 Barker, William Wardel  7 Oct 1876Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29414
7 Barker, William Wardel  2 Nov 1903Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29415
8 Beckett, Anna M.  1847Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01148
9 Beckett, Elizabeth Mae  1864Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00143
10 Beckett, Harvey  1878Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I02425
11 Beckett, Margaret  9 Jul 1871Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01334
12 Beckett, Mattie J.  1866Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00140
13 Beckett, Rachel  17 Jan 1869Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00144
14 Beckett, William C.  10 Sep 1861Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00142
15 Bell, Lillian G.  27 Feb 1914Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36175
16 Bovard, Doris  14 Sep 1924Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I32979
17 Bovard, James Paul  19 Dec 1926Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I32980
18 Bovard, Robert  1831Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I32981
19 Breidenthal, Margaret Jane  1837Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00139
20 Breidenthal, Samuel  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01159
21 Brown, Betty May   I03811
22 Brown, Dorothy   I03812
23 Brown, Howard A.  24 Aug 1921Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I03813
24 Brown, Robert Mark   I03810
25 Bryne, James Hugh  Oct 1874Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36116
26 Bryne, Nicholas  11 Jun 1878Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36118
27 Buchanan, Sarah Jane  7 Apr 1853Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I06312
28 Cox, Keziah Peebles  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04328
29 Coyle, Sarah  20 Apr 1822Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I31253
30 Denholm, Brown Milligan  5 Jul 1887Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36620
31 Denholm, James Frank  11 Oct 1881Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36619
32 Denholm, Jeanne Daisy  1879Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36618
33 Denholm, John Bertram  1876Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36617
34 Derrick, Leona Mary  4 Sep 1921Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04846
35 Derrick, William Joseph  25 Feb 1924Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04848
36 Dixon, Margaret Evans  19 Dec 1904Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I22589
37 Doverspike, Elmer Clyde  9 Aug 1901Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I16587
38 Dunn, Mattie  1859Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00288
39 Fawcett, Louis Peterson  1877Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29430
40 Fawcett, Louis Peterson  1901Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29431
41 Fawcett, Mary Louise  1905Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29432
42 Fluke, Elizabeth  1784Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04157
43 Fortney, Elizabeth C.  19 Sep 1917Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I20850
44 Fortney, Ernest C.   I19679
45 Fortney, Frank W.  2 Jan 1896Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I20849
46 Fortney, John  21 Nov 1893Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I20851
47 Frantz, Zuretta Blanche  19 Dec 1895Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I13457
48 Frey, Ivan Wendell Phillips  25 Jun 1895Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I02890
49 Fritz, Adessa Josephine  23 Dec 1878Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29410
50 Fritz, Alexander Rex  5 May 1883Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29411

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Green, Mary Ann  11 Dec 1881Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I05136


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baines, Mariam Eva  Nov 1938Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01934
2 Beckett, Anna M.  17 Jan 1850Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01148
3 Beckett, John C.  1894Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00145
4 Beckett, Margaret  30 Jan 1955Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01334
5 Beckett, Mattie J.  18 Jan 1877Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00140
6 Beckett, Rachel  20 Jun 1951Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00144
7 Bell, Lillian G.  14 Sep 1997Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36175
8 Bentzinger, Ella B.  Aft 1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I31171
9 Bovard, Clarence R.  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I32977
10 Bovard, Doris  21 Aug 2008Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I32979
11 Bovard, James Paul  23 Jul 1972Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I32980
12 Bovard, Nancy  Feb 1984Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I32978
13 Breidenthal, John Henry  21 Sep 1868Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01278
14 Breidenthal, Margaret Jane  26 Jan 1913Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00139
15 Breidenthal, Nancy Ann  17 Jun 1891Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I01168
16 Brown, Howard A.  30 Aug 1984Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I03813
17 Bryne, James Hugh  3 Aug 1913Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36116
18 Bryne, Nicholas  24 Sep 1893Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36118
19 Clark, Catherine Lewetta  23 Feb 1920Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36531
20 Connolly, Annie  Dec 1958Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36133
21 Cooper, Maria  2 Oct 1884Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00272
22 Denholm, Brown Milligan  6 Feb 1923Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36620
23 Denholm, James Frank  15 Sep 1966Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36619
24 Denholm, Jeanne Daisy  1954Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36618
25 Denholm, John Bertram  1924Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36617
26 Derrick, William Joseph  16 Mar 1929Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I03468
27 Derrick, William Joseph  Aug 1975Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04848
28 Dixon, Ida Alice  20 Mar 1961Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I22586
29 Dixon, John William  12 Jun 1941Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I22587
30 Dixon, Margaret Evans  8 Feb 1933Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I22589
31 Dixon, William Lockridge  19 Dec 1917Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I22578
32 Drane, Sarah  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04262
33 Duff, Samuel Felix  3 Nov 1966Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I02886
34 Duff, Thomas Lincoln  14 Mar 1915Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I02868
35 Ebensberger, Andrew  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04263
36 Etzel, Gerald F.  15 Feb 1950Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I05605
37 Evans, Margaret  2 Oct 1949Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I22588
38 Ferringer, Reuben Philip Sr.  10 Oct 1964Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I22752
39 Fluke, Elizabeth  20 May 1844Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04157
40 Forquer, Margaret L.  Jul 1901Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I31306
41 Fortney, Frank W.  Aug 1973Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I20849
42 Fortney, John  Jul 1971Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I20851
43 Frantz, Claude DuVall  2 Jul 1922Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I13106
44 Fritz, Annie G.  15 Aug 1889Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29407
45 Fritz, David  22 Feb 1927Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29405
46 Fritz, Samuel D.  15 Oct 1887Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29409
47 Gamble, Alice Josephine  19 Dec 1970Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I05475
48 Graybigle, Laura  May 1983Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I02577
49 Green, Heneritta M.  1902Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I12866
50 Green, James C. II  27 Mar 1922Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I00747

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Duff, Samuel Hazlett  1954Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I02869
2 Fritz, Annie G.  16 Aug 1889Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I29407


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barker / Fritz  Dec 1902Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F09817
2 Braziell / McCaslin  29 Jun 1921Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F05485
3 Breidenthal / Beller  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F00067
4 Brown / Beckett  1901Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F00107
5 Brown / Derrick  1911Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F01398
6 Carnahan / McLain  1 May 1850Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F06721
7 Carnahan / McLain  1 May 1850Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F06720
8 Derrick / Beckett  Abt 1881Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F00102
9 Jones / McCaslin  Abt 1958Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F09978
10 Lewis / Beckett  1885Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F00106
11 Logue / McGrady  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F10386
12 Negley / Fluke  6 Nov 1823Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F01465
13 Nolte / McCaslin  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F05559
14 O'Bryan / Bell  27 May 1939Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F11634
15 Purnell / Dixon  24 Nov 1927Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F07514
16 Redman / Dunn  Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F00173
17 Redman / Martin  1852Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F00059
18 Sloan / Doverspike  14 Mar 1945Pittsburgh, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F05465