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Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baum, George Edward  9 Sep 1881Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I21652
2 Blose, David  2 Jun 1827Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I15778
3 Blose, Philip  24 Feb 1820Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I15775
4 Cox, Albert R  7 Dec 1903Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I13702
5 Doverspike, Robert J.  3 Jul 1917Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16486
6 Grafton, Clarence  1901Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I31075
7 Grafton, Clarence L.   I31076
8 Grafton, Mary E.   I31077
9 Grafton, Theodore Roosevelt  8 Mar 1908Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I22244
10 Hastings, Margaret Barnard  1849Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16494
11 Jr., Ivan D. Doverspike  17 Oct 1917Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I24189
12 Lasher, Ruby Mildred  30 Mar 1913Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30650
13 Myers, Dorothy Lucille  14 Jul 1924Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16615
14 Roudebush, Edith Frances  31 Jan 1912Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30659
15 Rudolph, Anna Rebecca  Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I14111
16 Rudolph, Lovette Clare  Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I14112
17 Rudolph, Russell Doverspike  Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I14096
18 Rugh, Chambers  Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16516
19 Waugaman, Sarah  1789Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I15770


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anthony, Fred D.  31 May 1992Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I28301
2 Bailey, Wilda Elizabeth  23 Dec 1988Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30655
3 Bashline, L. Grace  1 May 1980Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I29198
4 Baum, Alice Rebecca  13 Jul 2002Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I21645
5 Baum, George Edward  17 May 1960Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I21652
6 Beck, Joseph David  11 Apr 1971Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I23837
7 Black, Lillian Verdell  26 Dec 1904Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I22237
8 Bowser, Alberta B.  19 Jul 1997Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I28037
9 Bowser, Dorthy Blanche  1 Aug 1982Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I03709
10 Campbell, Herbert E.  13 Jan 1953Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30027
11 Claypoole, Gibbert Young  14 Apr 1960Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I28031
12 Crowe, Audrey Grace  21 Sep 2010Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I21851
13 Doverspike, Anna Clara  Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I33159
14 Doverspike, Anthony David  2 Sep 1960Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16480
15 Doverspike, Byran Ralston  1941Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16474
16 Doverspike, Catherine Ann  21 Apr 1912Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16453
17 Doverspike, Cora Louette  1921Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16499
18 Doverspike, George W.  26 May 1908Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16493
19 Doverspike, Isaac Daniel  16 Sep 1911Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16496
20 Doverspike, Ivan Dalton  Feb 1975Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16504
21 Doverspike, Leah  Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16515
22 Doverspike, Margaret Rebecca Clare  Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16502
23 Doverspike, Mary Edith  15 Apr 1974Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16482
24 Earley, Wilda A.  11 Jan 2001Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I32937
25 Fair, Roy Daniel  7 Oct 2003Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I32935
26 Fleming, Anna Clara  20 Mar 1912Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16497
27 Frantz, Samuel Garvin  Jul 1978Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I13027
28 Fulkman, Elsie Ellen  2 Apr 2001Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I00471
29 Galbreath, Maribel  25 Sep 1973Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I03881
30 Galbreath, Martha G.  26 Jul 2010Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I03910
31 Galbreath, Ralph Thomas  18 Dec 2011Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I03909
32 Grafton, Anna Margaret  19 Nov 1975Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I21880
33 Guthrie, Frederick Harrison  18 Mar 1979Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I15676
34 Hamilton, Charles Edward  4 May 1959Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I06698
35 Hastings, Margaret Barnard  15 Dec 1904Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16494
36 Hazlett, Blanche Vivian  6 Aug 1969Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I20400
37 Keener, John Paul  25 Jan 1968Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I33257
38 Kerr, Olive Jane  9 May 1993Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I07729
39 Kountz, Lewis Gene  15 Jun 1974Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I28296
40 Lafferty, Jane Emaline  3 Oct 1963Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I21662
41 Lasher, Dorothy Grace  5 Jul 1973Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30649
42 Lasher, Glenn Winneal  18 Mar 1986Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30645
43 Lasher, Guy C.  15 Jun 1957Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30643
44 Lasher, James Frank  22 Mar 1988Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30666
45 Lasher, Perry Carl  10 May 1991Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30651
46 Lasher, Timothy Kurt  14 Jan 1979Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30646
47 McCrackan, Samuel G.  30 Jun 1994Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I27474
48 McCracken, Jessie Belle  3 May 1971Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I19721
49 McKelvey, Grace Miller  26 Nov 1981Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I21965
50 Miller, Dallas Orr  27 Jul 1949Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I30652

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Sloan, John S.  7 Nov 1997Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania I16592


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bruce / Baum   F07168
2 Doverspike / Hastings  4 Jun 1873Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F05433
3 Doverspike / Sayers  11 Mar 1902Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F05415
4 Doverspike / Waugamen  25 Sep 1886Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F05327
5 Kerr / Cornman  26 May 1909Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F02872
6 Kerr / Crissman  30 Jan 1907Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F02611
7 Nulph / Doverspike  1 Jan 1889Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F05332
8 Robinson / Bonner  22 Oct 1867Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F10880
9 Rudolph / Doverspike  15 Jun 1905Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F05435
10 Schrecangost / Doverspike  30 Nov 1893Kittanning, Armstrong Co., Pennsylvania F05333