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Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Charles Joseph  30 Sep 1882Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30989
2 Anderson, Edwin William  Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30988
3 Baxter, Elmer  1862Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30980
4 Baxter, Elmer Neil  1904Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30983
5 Baxter, Flora  1897Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30982
6 Baxter, Lelia Isabelle  1892Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30981
7 Eberline, Margaretta B.  1858Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36771
8 Giesler, Erma   I36566
9 Giesler, Margaret   I36565
10 Graybigel, Alice  Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30948
11 Graybigel, Edward  1898Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30949
12 Negley, Alexander Hays  1 Jun 1876Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30975
13 Negley, Clara  9 Jan 1863Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30992
14 Negley, Edwin Melborn  25 Mar 1870Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04479
15 Negley, Elizabeth Ann  29 Jan 1852Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30986
16 Negley, Emma J.  17 May 1855Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30987
17 Negley, James Grant  6 Oct 1868Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I02576
18 Negley, Jane  19 Sep 1866Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04480
19 Negley, Laura  2 Oct 1871Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04478
20 Negley, Maggie L.  22 Jun 1873Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30972
21 Negley, Martha  3 Nov 1857Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30990
22 Negley, Minnie Etta  5 Jan 1874Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30973
23 Negley, Nina  2 Oct 1871Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30971
24 Negley, Sara Isabelle  3 Jul 1860Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30991
25 Negley, Sophia  1848Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30984
26 Negley, William Henry  19 Sep 1866Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04481
27 Reimer, Carrie  1868Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30979
28 Reimer, Isabel  1858Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30976
29 Reimer, Mamie  1863Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30977
30 Reimer, Sadie  1866Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30978
31 Rhine, Goldie M.  1903Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I27551
32 Rhine, Mary H.   I27821
33 Rhine, Nannie C.  1905Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I27820


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Charles Joseph  2 Jun 1937Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30989
2 Anderson, Edwin William  Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30988
3 Ashbaugh, Eliza Jane  8 Dec 1906Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04193
4 Atkinson, Gladys V.  Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I27552
5 Atkinson, Gloria L.  Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I27553
6 Baxter, Elmer  1927Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30980
7 Baxter, Elmer Neil  1915Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30983
8 Baxter, Flora  1920Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30982
9 Baxter, Lelia Isabelle  1892Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30981
10 Calendar, James S.  Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I31665
11 Eberline, Margaretta B.  1947Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36771
12 Fish, Caroline B.  1939Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I31707
13 Giesler, George D.  Apr 1961Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36564
14 Graybigel, Alice  Nov 1912Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30948
15 Graybigel, Edward  1943Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30949
16 Graybigel, Harry  Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04477
17 Morrison, Mary Ella  1 Mar 1982Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I34521
18 Munson, Frances  1977Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30970
19 Negley, Alexander Hays  Dec 1910Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30975
20 Negley, Alexander William  6 Dec 1900Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04161
21 Negley, Clara  24 Apr 1891Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30992
22 Negley, Edwin Melborn  Mar 1908Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04479
23 Negley, Elizabeth Ann  14 Mar 1937Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30986
24 Negley, Emma J.  14 Nov 1888Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30987
25 Negley, James Grant  Oct 1942Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I02576
26 Negley, Jane  5 Sep 1867Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04480
27 Negley, Laura  31 Jul 1954Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04478
28 Negley, Maggie L.  19 Sep 1874Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30972
29 Negley, Martha  24 Nov 1877Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30990
30 Negley, Mary Ann  Oct 1907Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04158
31 Negley, Minnie Etta  30 Jan 1943Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30973
32 Negley, Nina  2 Nov 1871Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30971
33 Negley, Sara Isabelle  Aug 1936Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30991
34 Negley, Sophia  1957Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30984
35 Negley, William Henry  Sep 1941Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I04481
36 Peters, Daniel W.  1930Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I36770
37 Reimer, Carrie  1957Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30979
38 Reimer, Isabel  1950Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30976
39 Reimer, Mamie  1881Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I30977


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Marshall, Samuel  Jul 1912Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I20392
2 Norris, Ellen Melissa  Jan 1902Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania I20391


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Negley  Brackenridge, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania F10319