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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Reverend Thomas Henry  Nov 1851New York I24628
2 Barrett, Edwin H.  1843New York I28347
3 Bassett, Belle B.  1882New York I28350
4 Bentley, Flora  Abt 1866New York I10225
5 Bliss, Daisy M.  1903New York I28808
6 Bliss, Helen L.  1901New York I28807
7 Bristol, Joanah  New York I02595
8 Brown, Amos  Abt 1802New York I16658
9 Burgess, Rachel  1790New York I32612
10 Cady, Castine  1849New York I28348
11 Cavanaugh, Thomas  Abt 1837New York I25049
12 Chapman, Joseph  New York I05334
13 Clark, William C.  1816New York I28914
14 Clark, William Henry  25 Jul 1821New York I29044
15 Cobb, Ernest Charles  16 May 1875New York I23516
16 Cole, John  2 May 1857New York I05416
17 Coleman, Kenneth   I28810
18 Corwin, John B.  1830New York I34553
19 Crocker, Eliza Jane  22 Feb 1886New York I02596
20 Crocker, Mrs. Ellison nee  New York I02597
21 Crocker, Mrs. Vasey nee  New York I02598
22 Darrow, Madeline  5 Feb 1887New York I36550
23 Dean, Beryl E.   I28795
24 Dean, James B.  Oct 1866New York I28793
25 Dean, John H.  Jul 1894New York I28794
26 Dean, Leona M.   I28796
27 Decker, Elizabeth A.  1815New York I28588
28 Decker, Hepaibeh  1779New York I28589
29 Decker, William  1783New York I28590
30 Downs, Frank M.  1854New York I29095
31 Dwight, Maria L.  1832New York I28746
32 Erts, Eva  Aug 1849New York I19851
33 Fangborn, Mary E.  1843New York I28618
34 Fitzgerald, Louise  1846New York I22472
35 Fraister, William C.  1854New York I33226
36 Fulford, Adelia M.  Jul 1880New York I28976
37 Gilbert, Hannah M. A.  1848New York I27157
38 Gilbert, Mary A. D.  1842New York I27156
39 Gilbert, Phillip Benton  30 Jun 1843New York I27139
40 Gipson, Charles  1870New York I29787
41 Greeney, Phoebe  New York I05385
42 Gregory, Janice   I19783
43 Gregory, Jay Lamont  12 Aug 1877New York I19781
44 Griffin, Stephen Fitch  Abt 1825New York I16673
45 Groves, Donald R.   I29029
46 Groves, Ivan H.   I29027
47 Groves, Joseph   I29026
48 Groves, Lewis   I29028
49 Groves, William  1897New York I29024
50 Hartwell, Henry  1852New York I28580

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bristol, Joanah  1894New York I02595
2 Knapenberger, Iva Elmeda  15 Mar 1910New York I24893
3 Knappenberger, Marilda Catherine  Aft 1930New York I24627
4 Milliron, Robert J.  8 Aug 1996New York I22750
5 Myers, Charles Frederick  New York I24525
6 Post, Howard William  19 Feb 1992New York I24625


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Albee / Bliss  1899New York F09626
2 Brown / Cousins  1802New York F05487
3 Crocker / Bristol  1858New York F01013
4 Klaes / Erts  Abt 1874New York F06581
5 Maziarz / Maszczak  Abt 1916New York F04414
6 McCaslin / Burger  Abt 1886New York F09652
7 McCaslin / Rowley  1915New York F09601
8 Rigby / May  1918New York F05031
9 Shepard / Shepard  1894New York F09746