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Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, George K.  1862Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12946
2 Bolsinger, Aldica McMillen  3 May 1880Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12802
3 Bolsinger, Bertha J.  1865Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06000
4 Bolsinger, Clara Cecile  14 Mar 1858Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06001
5 Bolsinger, Frank William  4 Jul 1860Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06002
6 Bolsinger, James McMillen  1871Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12804
7 Bolsinger, Milton Elmer  1 Apr 1868Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06003
8 Bolsinger, Minnie Luella  6 Jul 1862Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06004
9 Bolsinger, Perry Lee  3 May 1876Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12803
10 Bolsinger, Ralph William  17 Jan 1886Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12899
11 Dibert, Herbert McMillen  Jan 1885Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06715
12 Dibert, Nancy B.  Aug 1892Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06107
13 Dibert, Scott  1 Nov 1852Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06114
14 Dibert, Walter John  27 Oct 1855Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06106
15 Horty, Daughter  19 Sep 1926Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06109
16 Varner, Annie M.  1873Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12938
17 Varner, Blanche  4 Mar 1879Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12941
18 Varner, George Franklin  30 Jun 1871Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12942
19 Varner, Melissa G.  13 Feb 1864Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12940
20 Varner, Sevilla  27 Oct 1866Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12939


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bolsinger, Aldica McMillen  23 May 1880Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12802
2 Bolsinger, Bertha J.  10 Dec 1924Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06000
3 Bolsinger, Clara Cecile  22 Apr 1942Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06001
4 Bolsinger, Frank William  23 Sep 1898Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06002
5 Bolsinger, James McMillen  17 Sep 1872Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12804
6 Bolsinger, Milton Elmer  1 Nov 1871Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06003
7 Bolsinger, Minnie Luella  17 Jun 1951Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06004
8 Bolsinger, Perry Commodore  7 Sep 1905Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I04997
9 Bolsinger, Ralph William  23 Feb 1960Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12899
10 Bolsinger, William  21 Jan 1886Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I04989
11 Cooke, William J.  5 Dec 1940Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06005
12 Dibert, John  10 Nov 1849Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06133
13 Dibert, Walter John  20 Jul 1894Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06106
14 Duff, Mary Eva  4 Jul 1975Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I02884
15 Horty, Daughter  19 Sep 1926Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I06109
16 McMillin, Nancy  21 May 1917Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I04998
17 Price, Sarah  26 Jun 1895Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I04992
18 Shade, Lovenia  18 Jun 1918Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12898
19 Varner, Stephen  22 Feb 1907Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania I12800


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bolsinger / McMillin  24 Feb 1857Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania F01755
2 Cooke / Bolsinger  1891Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania F02072
3 Dibert / Bolsinger  1884Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania F02105