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Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnett, Elzada  10 Sep 1915Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I08646
2 Bowers, John Lantz  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22108
3 Bowers, Mary Elizabeth  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22107
4 Bowers, Matilda  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22110
5 Bowers, Minerva Jane  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22109
6 Bowers, William A.  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22105
7 Bowers, William R.  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22113
8 Carrier, Darius  28 Feb 1803Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15816
9 Doverspike, Paul Eugene  5 Aug 1920Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I16613
10 Kinnaird, John Orr  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22737
11 Kinnaird, Lois Ann  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22736
12 Kinnaird, Malcolm Lee  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22735
13 Kinnaird, William Hill  6 Sep 1923Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22734
14 Knappenberger, Alma Dee  28 Sep 1914Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22700
15 Korb, Mary Elizabeth   I07372
16 Lingenfelter, Henrietta  May 1853Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I07108
17 Mauk, Martin Henry  15 Jul 1861Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I18148
18 Michael, Abbie Ann  Dec 1849Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I16205
19 Milliron, Henry Nulph  16 Jul 1817Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15641
20 Milliron, Jacob  15 Mar 1818Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I18236
21 Minteer, James Calvin  27 Oct 1830Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22001
22 Nolf, Carrie Estella  5 Mar 1872Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I18159
23 Nolf, Lewis R.  28 Nov 1824Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I18080
24 Nolf, Samuel H.  1846Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I18086
25 Nulph, Samuel Sullivan  20 Feb 1829Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I33085
26 Olson, Carl Russell  15 Jul 1900Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22802
27 Shaffer, Jacob Milton  18 Sep 1916Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I26505
28 Shaffer, Joan M.  18 Jun 1912Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I26504
29 Shaffer, Mamie L.  Jul 1891Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I26533
30 Shaffer, Oswald B.  Jul 1896Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I26534
31 Swonger, Gertrude Estella  14 Oct 1889Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15608
32 Swonger, Ivy Viola  17 Dec 1884Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15606
33 Swonger, Olive Mable  Abt 1887Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15607


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anthony, Elizabeth  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22106
2 Bartlette, Rebecca  1891Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15589
3 Bowers, William A.  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22105
4 Hetrick, Elizabeth  1851Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15815
5 Hetrick, Esther  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15850
6 Hetrick, Eva  Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15849
7 Jones, Ann  16 Apr 1870Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15657
8 Kinniard, Malcolm MacDougal  28 Oct 1933Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22731
9 Knappenberger, Frances Malissa  24 Jan 1973Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22730
10 Knappenberger, Mary Lola  4 Mar 1972Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22712
11 Knappenberger, Robert Frantz  14 Apr 1956Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22738
12 Milliron, Rachael S.  7 Jul 1922Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15647
13 Minteer, Alexander  Feb 1832Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I21989
14 Mitchell, Mary A.  1954Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22739
15 Olson, Carl Russell  Jul 1984Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I22802
16 Smathers, John  5 May 1880Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15582
17 Smathers, John  25 Aug 1895Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15637
18 Smathers, Sarah  1 Jan 1880Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania I15634


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Nolf / Morris  19 May 1868Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania F06026
2 O'Donnell / Swartz  29 Jun 1893Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania F10958
3 Smathers / Jones  30 Jan 1850Jefferson Co., Pennsylvania F05141