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Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Hamilton, Ethel May  9 Dec 1895Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I11140
2 Hawk, Faith  10 Nov 1893Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I11158
3 Jones, Edward H.  Abt 1900Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I30024
4 Knappenberger, Mary Sue  11 Sep 1924Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I24347
5 Lindquist, Edward Frank  6 Apr 1905Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I09589
6 Lutz, John George  Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I04402
7 O'Gara, Agnes  19 Feb 1900Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I11111
8 Purvis, Alfred R.  9 Aug 1895Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I29777
9 Purvis, Lewis W.  14 Sep 1890Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I29773
10 Purvis, Lulu  22 May 1892Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I29774
11 Purvis, William  16 Nov 1893Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I29775
12 Springsteen, Leroy   I27714
13 Springsteen, Lois   I27715
14 Springsteen, Shirley  1928Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I27716
15 Springsteen, Wayne Eldon   I17939
16 Struthers, Dwight Harold  16 Nov 1876Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I11074


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arthur, Mary E.  16 Nov 1921Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I27603
2 Breidenthal, Albert N.  22 Mar 1918Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I27604
3 Breidenthal, Samuel  22 Apr 1919Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I27621
4 Breidenthal, Viola I.  19 Aug 1931Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I27611
5 Breidenthal, William H.  10 Jun 1915Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I27638
6 Goheen, Streamer Clair  28 Apr 1973Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I23842
7 Knappenberger, Clara Sophia  23 Aug 1914Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I24635
8 Logue, Dennis J.  Dec 1931Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I31270
9 McClaughry, Robert Wilson  9 Nov 1920Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I09832
10 Mckay, Christina  Jan 1980Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I31735
11 Montgomery, John Frederick  9 May 1935Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I29520
12 Richardson, Della Georgia  16 Jun 1963Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I09588
13 Springsteen, Shirley  24 Oct 1931Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I27716
14 Swartz, R. Lavina  Between 1900 and 1907Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois I25046


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Clark / Graham  19 Jun 1934Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F03684
2 Hamilton / O'Gara  19 Sep 1925Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F03706
3 Killey / McCutchan  6 Jun 1942Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F03404
4 Lindquist / Richardson  25 Apr 1932Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F03201
5 McCaslin / Williams  24 Jun 1910Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F09575
6 Paxton / Leonard  14 Feb 1900Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F03669
7 Springsteen / Breidenthal  24 Jun 1922Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois F09290