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1 319-03-4109 (Issued in Illinois) Burke, Michael (I0395)
2 As per Darlene (Wigell) Kwit's notes: "Charles and Nellie had 13 children. They lived on a farm for a good portion of their lives. Charles was also a woodworker." Family F007
3 Born September 10, 1902 in Cooraclare, County Clare, he was involved in the motor trade during the war of Independence. He enrolled in the West Clare Brigade of the IRA and served in the Flying Column; later he was decorated for his serviceses. Due to a leg injury early in life he had to cut short his schooling. Immensely popular he was seen off by an enormous crowd of well-wishers in 1926 when he left Milltown Malbay to enter the Brothers' novitiate at Kimmage. Professed in 1928 he was attached to Blackrock where he was to render sterling service in many departments as he supervised the domestic staff and assumed control of the kitchen garden. During the Emergency period he took charge of the butcher's shop and ensured a steady supply of victuals for the college kitchen. Br Bernard's limited schooling in no way inhibited him is his performance or in the respect with which he was held by all. Neither was he overawed by anyone and was noted for his quick anand witty riposted. These are legion. To mention a few: When a dispute dragged out between him and a musician in the community about the transporting of a piano after a concert, the superior, Dr J. C. McQuaid, remonstrated with him adding some words about the necessity in life for a spirit of mutual tolerance and co-operation. Bernard rejoined: "Its all very fine for you , Father, with your big words, but it is me who has to shift the piano." And when a man applied for a job at tthe College, Bernard queried: "And what sort of job would you be thinking of?" "Head gardener", was the ambitious reply, only to be countered with: "There is enough of your sort around here. What we want is someone to do the work." Bernard was a consummate teaser. He knew that his friend Br John Joe, also from Clare, had a very special devotion to the Little Flower. "She never failed me," he repeated frequently. Ten days before the Saint's feast day, Br John's treasured bicycle disappeared. "Make a novena to the Little Flower" was the helpful advice proffered by Bernard. And sure enough the bicycle reappeared in time for the Saint's feast, having been deposited at the foot of the statue of the saint. And so on. Br Bernard had a wide circle of friends who enjoyed his repartee - amoung them Lord Mountbatten, whom he met in the company of Clare-man, Chief Superintendent Liddy. Br Bernard suffered much towards the end but it was noted that he had no fear of d death which he faced with serenity as if answering a further call to duty. His personal brand of piety seemed to have been tempered by a judicious blend of traditional Clare folklore and the devotions which had been improted to Ireland from the Continent in the last century. Br Bernard McGrath died August 7, 1956 aged 53 years. McGrath, Brother Bernard-Joseph (I0341)
4 Changed name from Stone back to Laroche after 11 APR 1898 Family F189
5 Cremated Wigell, Oriella Olive (I0018)
6 CTA Division 241 Burke, Michael (I0395)
7 Death by execution. Plantagenet, Edmund (I0683)
8 Death record on file in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana in book CH-5 ... page 90 ... line HO2:

James M. Beaty was born 13 May 1876 in Ohio. He died 27 August 1914 in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana. He was buried at Peoples Cemetery in Huntington, Indiana. Cause of death was tuberculosis. He was married. His parents are listed ahoda (Lykins) and Peter Beatty.


James enlisted in the Army in Indianapolis, Indiana on June 16, 1899. He served in the Spanish American War/Philippine Insurection. He was stationed in Santa Rita, Philippine Islands, and was discharged as a Private in Pekin, China on June 15, 1902.

James had blue #10 eyes, dark brown hair and a ruddy complexion. He had scars/marks on his right temple, left wrist, left knee, right elbow, back or left thumb. One right and one left lower molar as well as his right incisor were missing.


Taken from the Huntington Press in Huntington, Indiana on Friday, August 28, 1914 ... page 6 ... column 6:

James M. Beatty died yesterday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at his home, 317 Byron Street, of tuberculosis. Mr. Beatty, had been employed for several years at the Erie as store room clerk. He was widely known in lodge circles in Huntington ands the author of political articles.
He was born on May 13, 1876 in Van Wert County, Ohio. The widow and three daughters survive him. the daughters are Caroline, Murtel[sic] and Alice R. Beatty. The following brothers and sisters are living: Emanuel Beatty of Oswego, Robert andliam Beatty of Warsaw, Ives Beatty and Mrs. Shores of Huntington, Mrs. Ida Hurless of Marion and Mrs. Maggie Nine of Warsaw.
Mr. Beatty was a member of the Knights of Maccabee and was a veteran of the Spanish American War. Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon from the residence, the Rev. White officiating. Burial will be in the Peoples' Cemetery.

Note: Murtel should be spelled: Myrtle.

Beatty, James Marion (I0078)
9 Died as a result of the War of the Rebellion (Civil War). Hollon, Ambrose (I0577)
10 Died in childhood. Richmond, Isaac (I0903)
11 Dora's undertaker was G. Segersten & Son at 1615 North Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois. Wigell, Mary Doretha (I0103)
12 George and sister Rosa were born twins

Taken from Indian Births, 1880-1920 as found at

George C. Beatty was born 19 March 1912 in Huntington County, Indian
Book CH-2 ... page 91. Father is listed as James M. Beatty. Mother is listed as Lou Emma Hollon.
Death record on file in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana in book CH-5 ... page 80 ... line HO2:

George Curtis Dungan Beatty was born 19 March 1912 in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana. He died 7 November 1913 in Huntington, Huntington County, Indiana. He was buried at Peoples Cemetery in Huntington, Indiana. His parents were Jame. and Emma (Hollon) Beatty.
From the Huntington Press in Huntington, Huntington County, India
Saturday, November 8, 1913 ... page 5 ... column 2:

George Beatty, the young son of Mr. and Mrs. James Beatty, died at the home on Gay Street yesterday morning about 3:30 o'clock.
Funeral services will be held Sunday at the residence at 2 o'clock. The body will be interred in the People's Cemetery. 
Beatty, George Curtis Duncan (I0542)
13 Grave Location: Sec 9J, Blk 7, Lot 10, Grave 6 McEvoy, William Francis II (I0074)
14 Grave Location: Division B, Block 20, Lot 01 West, Maurice (I0027)
15 Grave Location: Lot 556, Section ee Frankowski, Karen Ann (I0354)
16 Grave Location: Resurrection Mausoleum, Crypt 30, Tier 5, Pope John Paul II Shrine McEvoy, Johanna Mary (I0340)
17 Grave Location: Resurrection Mausoleum, Crypt 30, Tier 5, Pope John Paul II Shrine Frankowski, Edwin Reginald (I0346)
18 Grave Location: Sec 1, Row 0, Grave 1489 McEvoy, William Francis III (I0343)
19 Grave Location: Sec 36, Lot 346, Grave 2 Wigell, Joseph (I0102)
20 Grave Location: Sec 4, Blk 2, Lot 20, Grave 7 McGrath, John J. (I0339)
21 Grave Location: Sec 4, Blk 2, Lot 20, Grave 8 Walsh, Julia (I0396)
22 Grave Location: Sec 9J, Blk 7, Lot 10, Grave 7 McGrath, Catherine Mary (I0072)
23 Grave Location: Section 12, Lot 801, Grave 1 Beatty, Myrtle Viola (I0013)
24 Grave Location: Section 59, Block 5 Lot 62, Grave 2 Wigell, Mary Louise (I0006)
25 Grave Location: Section 59, Block 5, Lot 62, Grave 1 Campbell, John James (I0005)
26 Grave Location: Section 7, Block 4, Lot 11, Grave 6. Dandrow, Cornelius Archibald (I0310)
27 Grave Location: Section 9 J, Block B, Grave 30 Campbell, Honora (I0076)
28 Grave Location: Section 9, Block 20, Lot W-9, Grave 1 McGrath, Mary Francis (I0011)
29 Grave Location: Section 9, Block 20, Lot W-9, Grave 2 Campbell, Michael Joseph (I0010)
30 Grave Location: Section Single, Lot R-1, Grave 237 Wigell, Caroline Myrtle (I0062)
31 In 1953, Laura authored the book "Joy Comes to the Valley". It had 143 pages and was published by Vantage Press. ASIN: B0007F5AQC. She also authored "Woodland Echoes", a poetry book. Hollon, Laura Ethel (I0689)
32 In 1958, Clay authored the book, "Genealogy of Hollon and Related Families - Early Settlers of Eastern Kentucky and Their Descendants". It had 108 pages and has 3 International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN's): B0007E91S6 - publisher unknown, 0740427652 - Higginson Book Company, 1417385839 - Quintin Publications (compact disc) Hollon, Clay (I0622)
33 Jean Baptiste LaRoche came to the United States from France with the Marquis de Lafayette, (Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier), to fight in the American Revolution. Laroche, Jean Baptiste (I1266)
34 Joseph's godparents were Felix Gutchell, his maternal grandfather, and Claire Beaufort (Brunel) Laroche, his paternal grandmother. Stone, Joseph (I0109)
35 Marriage record for Rufus and Lou Emma on file in Huntington, Indiana Hollon, Lou Emma (I0014)
36 Organs donated for scientific research Campbell, John James II (I0008)
37 Organs donated for scientific research Campbell, Skyler (I0032)
38 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Larke, Lauretta June (I0035)
39 Papal Dispensation Family F361
40 Rosa and brother George were born twins. Beatty, Alice Rose (I0543)
41 The death of Michael inspired James R. McNamara to write the following poem in Niles, Ohio on May 05, 1933: Campbell, Michael Joseph (I0010)
42 The LaRoche name was changed to "Stone" because it was more American. LaRoche in French is "The Rock". They thought that "The Rock" could be a little rock, or stone and that's where the name Stone came from. The first in the family to change their names were Fred (an actor), Dorothy (a dancer) and Paula (a writer). After they changed their names the rest of the family changed their names, too. Laroche, Jean Baptiste (I0105)
43 Thomas died in infancy Campbell, Thomas (I1443)
44 Thomas was the second family child named "Thomas", the first one having died in infancy. Campbell, Thomas (I1226)