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1 1900 Census Wayne Co, MI, Vol 80, Sheet 3, ED74, Line 20; living at 13
Hale St.; Michael Rochowiak living with them.
1910 Census Wayne Co , MI,
1920 Wayne Co, MI,Roll 807, Dist 289,Sheet 9Aon Harper St with 5 Children. 
Melin, Albert (I109843664)
2 1920 Michigan Census, Wayne Co.,Jan 12,1920, .Dist#145, E D 289, Sheet
13B; living on Harper St., with parents Michael and Anna. 
Wojcinski, Stanley (I109843358)
3 1920 New Jersey Census: Essex Co., 3rd District, Jan 6, 1920, vol 38,
Sheet 5B, ED163 Dist 163, line 83-85 ; living at 287 Norfolk St., Newark,
' Immigrated in 1909 working as a Machine operator in Paint factory. 
Padeski, Stanley (I109843158)
4 Address: 20489 Woodside Dr
Harper Woods
UNKNOWN, June J . (I109843362)
5 Address: 2128 Knickerbocker Dr.
North Carolina
Info sent to me by Joyce Skaradzinska. 
Skaradzinski, Eugene (I109843246)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I109843270)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I109843063)
8 Address: 24107 Patricia
Worked at Falls Spring & Wire Co., and Hamtramck Bakery. 
Robaczynska, Henrietta (I109843087)
9 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I109843117)
10 Address: 2467 E Billings
Vasley, Celine (I109843378)
11 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I109843314)
12 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I109843234)
13 Address: 50 River
Natrona Heights
Mrozinski, Leonard S. (I109843206)
14 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I109843405)
15 Address: 5180 E. 22 Apt C-48
Radziejewska, Gladys (I109843455)
16 Address: 701 W. Bayless
PHON: 818-334-1626 
Boyce, Roger (I109843175)
17 Address: 930 John R Apt#2307
Oakland Park Towers
UNKNOWN, Marie A. (I109843316)
18 Alias: /John/
Info from grandson: Henry John Derewicz 
Derewicz, Jan (I109843184)
19 Alias: /Tracy/
In 1920; at age 18, Theresa was living with her parents and working as a
bookkeeper in an office. 
Maciejewska, Therese (I109843337)
20 Alias: /Walter/
From 1920 Census, Pennsylvania; Vol 12. ED 129, Sheet 2, Line 53 
Derewicz, Ladislaus (I109843183)
21 Alias: /William/ Sandzik, Boleslaw (I109843311)
22 Alias: Chester /Robaczynski/
Cause of Death: Fractured Hip
Raised on a farm that has been passed down in the family. Came to U S
getting to Rotterdam, Holland and on the ship SS Moordam or Noordam (not
sure of name) to New York arriving on June or July 14, 1910, according
to Declaration of Intention #222365, dated Feb. 27,1937. He changed his
name to Chester Robaczynski. He went to Pennsylvania worked in coal
mine there, married and after 3 children moved the family to Detroit in
1924. Lived on Harper and Trombly Sts in Detroit. He got a job with
Packard Motor Co. and worked until they closed in 1956. He became a
Citizen on Jan 8th, 1940, Petition # 127920 ,
#4578794. He learned to speak English but it was very broken. He lived
at 3655 Dane St. in Detroit from1936-1966. He had to be put in a Nursing
Home and spent a couple of years there before he died .
Death cert. Local file #16886, Li #16923, PA226. Buried from Piorkowski
Funeral Home, Services at Immaculate Conception Ch., (all in Polish) in
Mt .Olivet Cem., Detroit.
1920 Pennsyvania Census: Allegheny Co., Natrona City, Vol 12, Ed 129,
Sheet 25, Line 63-68. at 58
Sycamore St. with wife and first 3 children. 
Robak, Cheslaw (I109843083)
23 Alias: Frances Josephine /Kaczor/
Custom Field:<_FA#> 1953Grad, St Mary Magdalen
Custom Field:<_FA#> 1957Grad, St Benedict's, Highland Park, Mich
Custom Field:<_FA#> 1957Marr. Fort Mc Clellan Army Base Chapel
Custom Field:<_FA#> Jun 1982Grad. Oakland University, Rochester, Mich
Custom Field:<_FA#> 1996Reired from Teaching
Adopted by Mieczyslaw Kaczor 8-6-1945 in Oakland Co.. Loved to play paper
dolls, was always a good student. Took a little tap dancing and piano.
Worked at Hazel Park Bakery in High School, then Bookkeeping in Bank.
Took Medical Asst. Course and worked at it a short time. Taught School at
Roosevelt Elementary in Pleasant Ridge, Mich. 
Rochowiak, Frances Josephine (I109843064)
24 Alias: Frank /Miller/
In 1910 Frank living with his parents was working in a Foundry as a
Millwright.He became a citizen in 1909. In 1920 it shows him still
living with his parents but not working. I remember hearing he was in the
service so could be what he was doing then. 
Maciejewski, Frank (I109843331)
25 Alias: Michael /Wasielewski/ Vasley, Michael (I109843375)
26 Alias: Natalie Marie /Parkinson/
Custom Field:<_FA#> Bet. 1972 - 1976Grad, Dondero High, Royal Oak, Mich
Very shy and quiet. Legally changed her name 4-22-1975,# 119307 to
Parkinson. Works as secretary to Lawyers. Can play piano by ear and plays
guitar. Divorced. 
Mazalouskas, Natalie Marie (I109843071)
27 Alias: Richard Joseph /Parkinson/
Custom Field:<_FA#> 1978Grad, Dondero High, Royal Oak, Mich
Address: 3905 Crooks Rd
PHON: 248-637-0005
Legally took name of Parkinson, 10-27-1976, # 125331 in Oakland
Co.,Mich. Fun loving, very likable guy. Had his own Landscaping
Mazalouskas, Richard Joseph, Jr (I109843072)
28 Born and raised across the road from Czeslaw. She sailed from Hamburg,
Germany on May 14, 1913,aboard the SS Kaiserin Auguste Victoria which
arrived in New York May 25,1913. This record from ship's manifest of
Alien Passengers for the U nited Stated Immigration Officer at Port of
Arrival. List # 6.
She had brothers all ready here in Pennsylvania. Buried from Piorkowski
Funeral Home in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Detroit 
Derewicz, Anna (I109843084)
29 Cause of Death: Arterio sclertic Disease
Custom Field:<_FA#> Lived at 2281 Medbury, Detroit
Info from Death Certificate State File # 237019, Register # 3415. Buried
from Piorkowski Funeral Home, services at St. Stanislaus Ch., burial at
Mt. Olivet Cemetery, section 36 ,Grave lot #384. He died the day his
wife was buried.
I can remember going to their house which had a small iron fence around
the front, probably 3 ft. high and there too was a place of piano
playing, singing with great aunts and uncles and their children.
1900 Michigan Census, Wayne Co, June 2, 1900, Supv. Dist #116, E. D.# 53,
Shhet # 3, Line # 28 : Has them living at 195 Superior St. with 8 of the
children. It states they came to the U S in 1889 and that he was working
as a Laborer for sewer Work. They had been married 18 yrs then.
1910 Michigan Census, Wayne Co., April 15, 1910, Supv Dist # 1, E d #142,
line 76 has them living on Medbury with 7 children, 2 eldest married and
one born in 1902.He was working as a Laborer for the Street so I am
assuming he might have worked for the city.
1920 Michigan Census, Wayne Co., Jan 2, 1920; Supv Dist # 145, E D#
289,Sheet 1 A, Line 29: Still on Medbury with 5 of their children and
their niece listed as daughter. According to Agnes as she revealed this
to me; Her father, Cass Maciejewski was supposed to be John's half
brother. When her mother died there was about 7 kids and her mother's
family, Frances Bonk, took most of them and John and Antonina took her,
raised her as their own. 
Maciejewski, John (I109843328)
30 Cause of Death: Arterio sclertic Disease
Info from Death Certificate State File # 236828, Register # 3212. Buried
from Piorkowski Funeral Home, services at St. Stanislaus, Burial at Mt.
Olivet Cem. 
Jarzyna, Antonina (I109843329)
31 Cause of Death: Arteriosclertic CardioVascular Disease
Info from sister and daughter: Worked for Burrough, in her own
restuarant, and as a sales lady at Hudson"s. She, Roman & Diane moved to
California in 1954 and lived there till 1968. She had not been ill just
died suddenly. Death Cert Local File # 5205, Registrar # 48183
Buried with L J Griffin Funeral Home, Westland;Mt. Olivet Cem. 
Robaczynska, Helen A. (I109843088)
32 Cause of Death: Arteriosclertic CardioVascular Disease
was in CC Camp in his teens. Served in U S Army 1941-1945 stationed in
Aluetion Islands for 3 and a half yrs. Did some boxingas a young man.
His best friend was a man named Smautz Stanley. H worked at Falls Spring
& Wire Co. till it closed, then in Maintenance till he retired. He lived
at 6256 Widman all his married life and then moved to an apartment on8330
Jefferson, #407 till he died. He was a heavy drinker the last few yrs of
his life. Death Cert. #9060, State File #1149835. Buried from Wasik
Funeral home, Detroit; Services at St. Stanislaus Ch.,in Mt. Olivet Cem. 
Robaczynski, Mieczyslaw J. (I109843086)
33 Cause of Death: Cardiac Tamponade, Aneurysm
Was a hard working man but sadly an alcoholic that caused his death. 
Kaczor, Mieczyslaw Peter (I109843067)
34 Cause of Death: Coronary occlusion & Diabetes Malitus
Received Info from grandchild, June 2002.
1920,MI, Wayne Co, 
Melin, Frances Dora (I109843665)
35 Cause of Death: Esophageul Cancer
Custom Field:<_FA#> May 1950Dependency Dishcharge
Custom Field:<_FA#> Nov 1950Recalled left for Camp Carson Colorado
Custom Field:<_FA#> Dec 1950Left on Ship for Korea
Custom Field:<_FA#> Nov 1951Dishcharged , returned home 11-19-1951
Custom Field:<_FA#> 22 Jan 1953Baptized in Catholic Church
Custom Field:<_FA#> 24 Nov 1953First Holy Communion
Custom Field:<_FA#> 14 Aug 1970Wreck in Forrest City, Ark.
Custom Field:<_FA#> Jun 1972Started B & B Machine Co.
Custom Field:<_FA#> 1981Business name ' Texas Long Life Tool Co., Inc
Born with 6 toes on each foot. Attended Lamar Jr. High. His school years
, SS#., Drivers License all under name Lynch Till he joined the army and
learned it was Odom. His Godparents were Regina Yirovec and Robert
Myers. Remarried in Church Jan. 24,1953, St Mary Magdalen's; Hazel Park,
He loved hunting and fishing had all kind of boats, motor, shrimp, fancy
cruiser, and made the big ones for Charter boats from 18 Ft. to 40 Ft.
He got a deer every year from 64-67 and 77-94. He sold eggs door to door
in the 50;s for extra money till he found a part time job with Johnny
Shutts in 1956 which he worked off and on till 1967. In 1962 after we
moved to Porter he did welding for extra money and in 1964 after all of
us worked and got up a long chicken house we got laying hens and sold
eggs as well as milk from the cow that we had.
Birth Cert # County File 4261 State 17326; DL# ;Marr Lic #32627
Army Engineers # 016318741; Death Cert. Registrar File # 01 1332
Laid out at Rosewood Funeral Home in Porter with Services there. 
Odom, Robert L (I109843036)
36 Cause of Death: Generalized atherosclerasis
.As a young woman she had a thing for big hats, loved rummage sales.
When first married had a small apartment in Detroit then bought their
firsr home on Hazelwood St. in HazelPark, Mi about 1938 lived there till
1946 then moved to a bigger hoime on Cherry St. in Hazel Park ; lived
there till 1962 or 3 and moved to Johnston St. in East Detroit till she
went into a Nursing home in 1982. Godmother to Betty and Robert Odom.
Buried from S K Schultz Funeral Home, Services , 
Robaczynska, Regina (I109843085)
37 Cause of Death: Gunshot to head Bonin, David (I109843051)
38 Cause of Death: Heart attack
Worked for Chevorlet's 35 yrs. Smoked a pipe, liked to work on car
motors. In his young days he boxed. Lived in Detroit, Hazel Park, and
East Detroit. Died in his sleep sitting in his chair. 
Yirovec, William August (I109843089)
39 Cause of Death: Lung Cancer
Address: 3607 Otis Ave.
Mc Nelis, Thomas Clemont (I109843427)
40 Cause of Death: Resiratory arrest
Was a farm girl who woked very hard and opened her own restuarant in
Charleston, W. Virginia.
During WW II she went to Detroit to work in the Defense Plant, Chryslers,
and there she met Frank.
She was quite a mother and homemaker. She sewed, embroidered and did
crewel work, was always cooking and baking. Services were at North
Pointe Baptist Church in Warren. 
Davisson, Elva Myrtle (I109843065)
41 Cause of Death: Resiratory arrest due to circulatory collapse due to
Birth cert. # 3016 Reg. # 2993, filed May 9, 1910 amended on June 11,
1942 Studied violin and played beautiful, Very good dancer, loved to
bowl,do croosword puzzles, write poems,and read mystery books.. Turned
Baptist after 44 years in Catholic Church. Worked for Briggs Mfg. for
years which was bought out by Chrysler and he worked there till he
retired in 1967. He moved to Beverly Hills, Florida in 1970 and lived
there till 1977. He returned to Warren, Mich and lived there till 1981
then he moved in with Vickie till he died. Services for his funeral were
at North Pointe Baptist Church in Warren. 
Rochowiak, Frank Peter (I109843062)
42 Cause of Death: Traumatic Cerebral Hemorrhage ( Hit by Car)
Came to US in 1899 in 1900 Census he says he came in 1902 and is 23 yrs
old. In 1910 he says 1890 and that he is 28yrs old. On his Death Cert
Local # 8481, State #324746, he was born Sept., 15.1884. He was buried
from Piorkowski Funeral home, Services at Immaculate Conception Ch., and
buried in Mt. Olivet Cem.. He could not read or write.
1900 Michigan Census, Wayne Co, June 2, 1900, Supt. Dist # 116. ED# 74,
Sheet 3. Line 25. Address was 13 Hale St He is a boarder in the home of
the Albert Melin whose wife is supposed to be Michael's sister. Her
being his sister was also confirmed by his sister Veronica's Daughter,
Vernice Keller. He was working as a Reed Worker.
1910 Michigan Census, Wayne Co.,April 26, 1910, Dist #1, ED#141, Sheet
9, Line 73.Address was 127 HendrieSt., was working as a laborer for an
Auto Body Co.. They had their first 3 children. 
Rochowiak, Michael (I109843229)
43 Childrens names given to me by 2nd cousin Ryszard Derewicz in 1988. Derewicz, Franciszek (I109843179)
44 Custom Field:<_FA#> 1974Grad Hazel Park High, Hazel Park, Mich
Address: 1180 Jossman
PHON: 810-627-2517
Shy and quiet. Very dependent on Toni till teen age yrs. Got lots of
self confidence after her marriage only to get let down when Shannon left
and she had to rebuild her confidence which she did with lots of help
from Steve. Worked for Kresge Corp in office for many years. 
Kaczor, MaryAnn Theodora (I109843069)
45 Custom Field:<_FA#> 23 Mar 1952Bpt. Pg 13. Vol4#9.;Ch. of Ressurection
Custom Field:<_FA#> Personel Manager
Info from her mother Christine Frederick 
Frederick, Gloria Roxanne (I109843267)
46 Custom Field:<_FA#> 24 May 1997Grad, New Caney High, New Caney, Tx
Godparents Josephine Kaczor and Roy Ognoskie. He was a slow learner, 
Odom, Robert Roy (I109843044)
47 Custom Field:<_FA#> 29 May 1994Grad, New Caney High, New Caney, Tx
Godparents were Betty M. Odom and Roy Ognoskie. Had pnuemicocal
meningitis just beffore she turned 3. Labeled her mentally retarded at
age 3 . Is good with her hands doing things. Works for New Horizons in
New Caney 
Odom, Rebecca Ivette (I109843043)
48 Custom Field:<_FA#> Bpt,,Pg 100, Vol 4-#6; Ressurection Ch., Detroit
Custom Field:<_FA#> Marr Immaculate Conception, Detroit, Mich.
Custom Field:<_FA#> Tool & Die Maker
Custom Field:<_FA#> Bet. 1947 - 1950Served in US Army
Address: 28691 Aline
PHON: 810-574-0086
Info from Christine Frederick 
Frederick, Robert Gust (I109843266)
49 Custom Field:<_FA#> Bur. Mt Olivet Cem., Detroit, Mich. Rochowiak, Eleanor (I109843232)
50 Custom Field:<_FA#> Buried in Maciejewski plot in Mt Olivet
INfo from His gravestone and Marriage info from St. Stanislaus. I
remember them living on Teppert St and visiting when dad got us for
visitation rights. They had a huge dog that was like a lamb but could
scare you to death. They moved to Richmond late 40's in a one room
cinderblock home they built. He drove the bus for the Richmond school
Wiatr, Leon D. (I109843374)

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